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363rd Fighter Group

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Accident Reports:Number of Non-Combat-Related Accident reports for this group: 0


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1February 24, 19448AF FC FO 250Fighter support for 8AF 233
2February 25, 19448AF FC FO 251Fighter support for 8AF 235
3February 29, 19448AF FC FO 255Fighter support for 8AF 240
4March 03, 19448AF FC FO 259Fighter support for 8AF 246
5March 04, 19448AF FC FO 260Fighter support for 8AF 24711
6March 05, 19448AF FC FO 261Fighter support for 8AF 248
7March 08, 19448AF FC FO 263Fighter support for 8AF 2521
8March 09, 19448AF FC FO 264
9March 18, 19448AF FC FO 273Fighter support for 8AF 2641
10March 20, 19448AF FC FO 275Fighter support for 8AF 2692
11March 22, 19448AF FC FO 277Fighter support for 8AF 273
12March 23, 19448AF FC FO 278Fighter support for 8AF 275
13March 24, 19448AF FC FO 279Fighter support for 8AF 277
14April 01, 19448AF FC FO 286Fighter support for 8AF 287
15April 08, 19448AF FC FO 291Fighter support for 8AF 2912
16April 09, 19448AF FC FO 292Fighter support for 8AF 2932
17April 11, 19448AF FC FO 295Fighter support for 8AF 2981
18April 12, 19448AF FC FO 296Fighter support for 8AF 3001
19April 13, 19448AF FC FO 298Fighter support for 8AF 3011
20April 15, 19448AF 303Strafing sweeps of western and central Germany2
21April 18, 19448AF FC FO 304Fighter support for 8AF 306
22April 19, 19448AF FC FO 305Fighter support for 8AF 308
23April 22, 19448AF FC FO 309Fighter support for 8AF 3114
24April 24, 19448AF FC FO 312Fighter support for 8AF 315
25April 25, 19448AF FC FO 313Fighter support for 8AF 317
26April 29, 19448AF FC FO 320Fighter support for 8AF 3274
27April 30, 19448AF FC FO 321Fighter support for 8AF 329 and fighter bomber attacks1
28May 04, 19448AF FC FO 326Fighter support for 8AF 338
29May 11, 19448AF FC FO 336Fighter support for 8AF 3512

Non-Combat Related Accidents



  • These are aircraft that were in this group at one time
  • List is in serial number order
  • Aircraft may be listed more than once if there are notes from multiple sources.

There are no Aircraft records for this group yet.


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