About This Site

This website pulls together information on the operations of the United States 8th Air Force during World War II from multiple sources on the web and from printed material.

It is an ongoing process!

The Eighth Air Force Operations History website is a subsidiary of the Eighth Air Force Historical Society: http://www.8thafhs.org

The website began as an attempt on the part of an amateur historian to enter all of the mission information in Roger Freeman’s Mighty Eighth War Diary into a database for easy searching. As a result of project-creep, it soon turned into a full-fledged Eighth Air Force operations website, with information collected (as noted above) from diverse sources across the internet, books, magazines and diaries.

We hope you enjoy the site and learn from it as well. Please let us know of any comments, concerns or information you may want to share by contacting us through the link at the top of any web page.